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List of Chicago Cubs Broadcasters

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Broadcaster Years with the Cubs
Jim Deshaies 2013 - Present
Jim or J.D. as he is also known signed a four year contract to be the Cubs TV analyist starting in 2013, when Bob Brenly decided to return to Arizona to broadcast for the Diamondbacks. Deshaies, a former ML pitcher who pitched mainly for the Astros, pitched over 250 games, and won 84 of those during a 12 year career from the mid-80's until the mid-90's. Having spent 16 years broadcasting with the Astros, Deshaies decision to move to the Cubs' booth happened because he thought the Cubs' job is one of the best jobs in all of baseball. Quoting an article in the Chicago Tribune, "It was tough to leave (Houston)," said Deshaies, who pitched for the Astros for seven of his 10-plus seasons in the big leagues. "You don't leave that situation easily. You leave it when you have the best opportunity that there is in the game for guys who do what I do. You get one rodeo — you live once, (so) have some fun and enjoy the journey. When this came up … it's a little better rodeo."
Keith Moreland 2011 - Present
"Zonk" as he was known during his playing days with the Cubs, Moreland filled in at times for the Cubs broadcasts in 2010 and was selected to partner with Pat Hughes for the 2011 season following the death of longtime beloved Cub; Ron Santo.
Bob Brenly 2005 - 2012
Won World Series as manager w/ Arizona Diamonbacks in 2001. Had a non-descript first year back announcing with the Cubs, didn't add much, held back. Then after his first year, he really came into his own, saying what has to be said about over-rated players and managers who fell asleep in their judgement.
Len Kasper 2005 - Present
Just a terrific announcer and all around good guy. Lets the moment speak for itself at times, and provides a smooth description of the events as they unfold. Not overbearing, loves music and shares his knowledge of it. A good pairing with Bob Brenly.
Joe Carter 2001 - 2002
World Series hero for Toronto, ex-Cub who was traded for Rick Sutcliffe. Not so much of a hero when announcing. He had trouble articulating his thoughts at times. Always upbeat and happy :) though.
Dave Otto 2001 - 2002
Dave has good insight and a good nature.
Andy Masur 1999 -
SD Padress announcer
Chip Caray 1998 - 2004
Son of Harry, Grandson of Skip. Has a tendency to exaggerate the simple plays. Loves the game though. Also broadcasts for the Atlanta Braves and TBS Baseball.
Josh Lewin 1997
From what I remember, Harry gave him a hard time when he was here. Went on to do National broadcasts on Fox, and then did some time with the O's, Tigers, and Rangers too (yeah, its like doing time when with any of those teams).
Pat Hughes 1996 - Present
Likes tuna sandwiches. Great Pairing with Ron Santo. One can feel their appreciation of each other. Is supposed to have a good jump shot. Likes to tell the listener the whole description of the team's uniforms for that day right down what type of stitching was used.
Thom Brennaman 1990 - 1995
Spelled Thom, pronounced like Tom. His dad must be a fan of Jhonny Peralta.
Bob Brenly 1990 - 1991
Ron Santo 1990 - 2010
Ron was a never give up type of guy, whether that had to do with his struggle with diabetes, his efforts in raising money for JDRF, or his belief in the Cubs, he passed away in 2010. He will be missed. He should be in the Baseball Hall of fame for his contribution as a player, announcer, and ambassador.
Dave Nelson 1988 - 1989
Did some coaching, broadcasts for the Milwaukee Brewers now.
DeWayne Staats 1985 - 1989
Steve Stone 1983 - 2000; 2003-2004
White Sox Broadcaster also
Harry Caray* 1982 - 1997
Harry Christopher Carabina was his birth name. Also broadcast for the St. Louis Cardinals, the A's (one year), the White Sox Broadcaster for 11 years with Jimmy Piersall, and then ended his career with the Cubbies. Turned himself into an icon in Chicagoland and around the world with his over sized black glasses and his sense of humor. Sang "Take Me out to the Ballgame" and turned that into a media moment for the Cubs. Still missed :(
Jim West 1971 - 1976
Vince Lloyd 1965 - 1986
Lloyd Pettit 1963; 1965-1966; 1969-1970
Lou Boudreau 1958 - 1959; 1961-1987
Jack Quinlan 1956 - 1964
Milo Hamilton* 1955 - 1957; 1981-1984
Called Hank Aaron's famous 715th HR... Henry Aaron, in the second inning walked and scored... He's sittin' on 714... Here's the pitch by Downing - swinging... there's a drive into left-center field... that ball is gonna beeee... OUTTA HERE! IT'S GONE! IT'S 715! There's a new home run champion of all time... and it's HENRY AARON!"

Was no fan of Harry Caray. Deep Voice guy. Old crotchety guy at times. Was likable in that way, just a terrific old school announcer.
Gene Elston 1954
Harry Creighton 1951 - 1956
Marty Hogan 1951
Bud Campbell 1950 - 1953
Joe Wilson 1946 - 1951
Bert Wilson 1944 - 1955
Jack Brickhouse* 1941 - 1945; 1947-1981
White Sox Broadcaster also. "Hey Hey" was his HR call. "Hey Hey" is on one of the foul poles at Wrigley Field. He did it all as far as broadcasting and sports. Name the sport, he probably did it.
Charlie Grimm 1939 - 1942; 1960
Ronald Reagan 1933 - 1936
40th President of the U.S.A., motion picture actor, Republican, cowboy, helped fight the Cold War and bring down the wall, liked Jelly Belly's jelly beans also.
Bob Hawk 1929 - 1933
Pat Flanagan 1929 - 1943
Bob Elson* 1928 - 1941
Hal Totten 1924 - 1944
Quin Ryan 1924 - 1931
* Indicates those that have received the Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting excellence.