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President Barack Obama: White Sox Fan

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President Obama: Not a Cub Hater

Remarks by The President At Town Hall Meeting InHenderson, Nevada


THE PRESIDENT: All right, it's a guy's turn.  I'm going to call on this guy, even though he's got a Cubs jacket on.  (Laughter.)  Everybody knows I'm a White Sox fan, but I'm going to call -- just to show that I'm unbiased, I'm calling on a Cubs guy.  (Laughter.) 

     Q    You're not a Cub hater.

     THE PRESIDENT:  I'm not a Cub hater, that's right.



Aboard Air Force One: En Route Chicago, Illinois
July 23, 2009

4:50 P.M. EDT
     MR. GIBBS:  So we told the President as we were leaving the school that Buehrle had taken a no-hitter into the ninth inning, and he was excited.  On the drive to the plane he learned in the car via e-mail from someone at the White House that he'd gotten the last three outs. 
     The President called Buehrle.  They pulled the pitcher out of the media room and into Jerry Reinsdorf's -- into his office. The President congratulated him, said it was an unbelievable achievement, something that everyone will always remember.  The President told him, maybe it was because he wore the White Sox jacket at the All-Star Game.  (Laughter.)
     Q    He, the President?
     MR. GIBBS:  Yes. 
     As an aside, obviously when we went through the locker room at the All-Star Game he spent a little time talking to Buehrle there.  And the President says, "As a fan, it's extraordinary.  When you're a White Sox fan and know the guy who did it, it makes it even more fun."
     I'm holding if you want to call some of this stuff in.
     Q    Are you going to come back to chat with us about the fundraiser?
     MR. GIBBS:  Yes, I have background on that and will come back.
                                             END              4:52 P.M. EDT



Press Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

Q    Robert, is there anything -- is there anything -- two questions.  Is there anything in the stimulus bill that the President considers as sacrosanct?  And then -- that he wouldn't  negotiate over.  And then secondly, the President's home team, the White Sox, as you know, had invited him to toss out the opening pitch -- a long tradition for Presidents.  Is he going to do that at Comiskey, or will he choose perhaps the Nationals here in Washington or the new Yankee stadium up in the Bronx?
MR. GIBBS:  Wow.  A plethora of choices.  (Laughter.)  See, Washington -- we have choices for questions.  I saw the invitation from the White Sox.  I will check on that.  He did that before and it was a lot of fun.
Q    -- double-header.
MR. GIBBS:  There you go.  We could go to the Nationals game and maybe the White Sox, too.
Q    He wants to, I assume, right?
MR. GIBBS:  And -- oh, he loves that.  So -- I'm sorry, your first --