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All Time Crosstown Classic Regular Season Totals:
Chicago White Sox: 63 Wins vs. Chicago Cubs: 61 Wins
(through games of 8/23/2020 - not including the 1906 world series games)

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Crosstown Classic Fast Facts:

Runs Scored during the Crosstown Series: CUBS : 539 | WHITE SOX : 520 (thru 2018)

Fast Facts Score Location
Largest Lopsided Score CWS 12-2, 6/24/2005 at U.S. Cellular Field
Largest shutout CWS 7-0, 5/20/2006 & CHC 7-0, 5/27/2013 at U.S. Cellular Field
Most runs in a game 26, CHC 15-11, 7/2/2006 at Wrigley Field
First Cubs Complete Game Shutout
(Jeff Samardzija)
CHC 7-0, 5/27/2013 At U.S. Cellular Field

Craig Robinson (White Sox fan) message to Nick Offerman (Cubs fan):

The 2020 Crosstown Classic Schedule
Date Location Winning Team
Losing Team
Wrigley Field at 7:15 pm White Sox

W: Keuchel L: Lester

White Sox clobber the Cubs in the opening game of the 2020 Crosstown Classic series winning 10 to 1. Jon Lester, who has pitched well overall this year, struggles against the Sox Sluggers. But it wasn't only the Sox sluggers doing the damage... Dallas Keuchel throws 114 pitches, six hits, and only one run through eight innings. Wait..what? 114 pitches in a Coronavirus plagued season in a blowout? Yup. Lots of talk around letting him go that far. Yes, the Sox do have two off days coming up. But it seems a bit risky to push a pitcher in a blow-out type of a game. Eloy Jimenez (Cub killer so far in his career) hits a 466-foot home run in the 7th after earlier in the game Jose Abreu hits a 3 run home and a solo homer. Yasmani Grandal, rookie phenom Luis Robert, and Danny Mendick also join in on the fun with round trippers. Sox slug 6 home runs in total. Victor Caratini and Albert Almora get 2 hits each and account for 4 of the Cubs seven hits on the day. Where was Bryant? Where was Baez? Well, Bryant not in the game with a sore finger. Baez picks up one hit, but is only hitting .194 on the year. Rizzo .225, Schwarber .215, Contreras .219, etc. Cubs hitters need to wake up if they want to compete with the Sox sluggers!

8/22/2020 Wrigley Field at 7:15 pm
White Sox

W: Gonzalez L: Hendricks

The White Sox continue to pound the ball out of any ballpark. Jose Abreu hits 3 home runs, and the White Sox win their 7th straight game. Abreu hits five home runs in two games against the Cubs. Meanwhile the Northsiders only get three extra bases hits in total. Luis Robert and Yasmani Grandal also go long in the Sox victory. Kyle Hendricks gets the loss and Gio Gonzalez picks up the win.
8/23/2020 Wrigley Field at 1:20 pm
White Sox

Dylan Cease goes up against one of the best pitchers in baseball... the Cubs Yu Darvish

View Artwork by Tim Souers

Will the Cubs show any life and fight back to take the final game of the three game series at Wrigley? The first two games have been dominated by the White Sox sluggers!

Jose Abreu comes up strong again in the early part of this game, hitting his 6th homer in his first at bat of the game. That ties a record for homers against the cubs in a 3 game series. However Yu Darvish wins his 5th game of the shortened Covid season by shutting down the Sox Sluggers and leaving only the Abreu homer as their lone run of the game. Yu strikes out 10 in seven innings with only one walk and his ERA is only 1.70 for the year so far.

The Cubs offense did little in this series, but for this final game at Wrigley for the Crosstown Classic, a little was enough. In the 5th innning, with Dylan Cease cruising along, Javier Baez doubles into the LF corner and Kyle Schwarber slams a two run homer into the center field bleachers and pull ahead of the Sox 2-1. It was left that way into the 9th inning when the Sox, with two outs, got a single, and two walks to load the bases. Moncada facing Jeffres of the Cubs pops it up towards the Cubs dugout and David Bote races over to catch it and his feet slip on the concrete on the edge of the grass and he misses the ball by inches. One would assume had he not slipped, the game would be over. Cubs fans everywhere were probably thinking, "oh no, not another Cubbie occurance!" However Jeffress outperforms Moncada by getting him to ground out to 2b and with a quick flip to Rizzo, Cubs sneak past the Sox for the final game in this series.


2020 Crosstown Classic Season Standings White Sox

Doesn't it always seem like this series sways one team in a direction for the rest of the season?

President ObamaPresident Obama remarks about the Crosstown Classic
(May 29, 2013 - Chicago Tribune)

Earlier at the Hilton, the president also talked sports, saying his remarks would be brief because of the Blackhawks' Game 7 playoff contest at the United Center. He also said he expects the White Sox to win the Crosstown Classic.

"I'm not a Cubs hater, I'm just saying," Obama said. "I think the Sox will win."

The Sox, however, lost again to the Cubs on Wednesday.



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Famous Chicago White Sox Fans Famous Chicago Cub Fans

Mayor Richard Daley, President Barack Obama, (the late) Bernie Mac, George Wendt, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dennis DeYoung (Styx band), Richard Roeper, Roger Ebert, Mankind (wrestler), Steve Dahl, Mandy Patankin, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Flatley, Jerry Springer, Jenny McCarthy, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Michael Jordan, and again... John Cusack

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Bill Murray, Nick Offerman, Jake Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, Stephen Colbert, Michelle Obama, Tom Bosley, Bonnie Hunt, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken, Joe Mantegna, Dan Migala, Eddie Vedder, Ronnie Woo-Woo, Rod Blagojevich, Jeff Garlin, Gary Sinese, Brett Eldredge, Steve Goodman, Jim Belushi and again... John Cusack.

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Barack Obama on being a White Sox fan

from Chicago Sun Times
August 25, 2008

We all knew Barack Obama is a White Sox fan, but the presumed Democratic presidential nominee took it a bit further in an interview with ESPN.

Obama joked about the stereotype of Cubs fans, who probably are tired of being described as partying people-watchers instead of serious baseball fans.

"You go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, beautiful people up there," Obama said, according to transcripts released by ESPN. "People aren't watching the game. It's not serious. White Sox, that's baseball."

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Eddie Vedder 
Eddie Vedder at Wrigley

Pearl Jam played at Wrigley in 2013, 2016, 2018

Crosstown Classic Game Scores
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1906 World Series

Before interleague play in 1997, the White Sox and the Cubs often played in exhibition games. The White Sox and their South Side fans invade Wrigley and the North Siders travel via the Dan Ryan, Lake Shore Drive, or the "El" (the subway) via the Red Line to U.S. Cellular Field.  Most of these exhibition games were filled with "call ups", those being minor league players as the teams did not wish to have their regular players injured in an exhibition game. Thusly, these games, although intense in the fans eyes, were merely entertainment.

Then in 1997, it finally counted. The first two years of these games (1997 & 1998), there were only 3 games for the entire season, with the home team alternating. Then in 1999, MLB introduced the current series of the games, in which there are 3 games at each park each year.

Although the teams had a similar record against each other in this series (they were tied going into 2009), there is nothing similar about either team in the eyes of their fans. With the Cubs having not won a World Series in over 100 years, and the White Sox finally having broken their long drought in 2005 (an 88 year wait), the "palehose" have an advantage in recent bragging rights with their World Series win.